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Pressure Washing in Orlando & Pompano Beach, FL

Allow us to Take Care of your Dirt and Grime

 There are many people today who are using the power of pressure washing to help them get that ‘as good as new’ clean. If you are looking for the best way to get results, pressure washing may be your ticket.

Pressure Washing for Your Business

The appearance of your place of business has a direct impact on the impression your customers form regarding your products and services. Make sure it's a good impression. Call the Cleaning Company and we'll help you to build a positive lasting impression on everyone that approaches your business.

We happily provide professional pressure washing services to all types of businesses throughout Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Winter Garden and all of Central and South Florida. We're responsible for the exterior cleaning of many local restaurants, commercial plazas, office buildings, and industrial complexes, let us get your place of business clean too. We can perform your cleaning at a time that's most convenient for you, your staff, and your clients, even if that happens to be at night when your business is closed. We'll make your building look great quickly and without distraction.

Pressure Washing for Your Home

A clean house is a happy home. There’s nothing quite like spending time with your family in a home that’s spotless inside and out. However, it's inevitable that dirt, mildew, and all kinds of debris will find a way to sully the outward appearance of your home over time.

Pressure washing is a perfect way to remove all types of grime from your home's exterior. Have a dirty driveway? No problem, we’ll turn up the pressure and blast those stains away! A dirty roof? Again, no problem, we'll use our advanced soft washing techniques to gently kill all your deep down mold and algae while not hurting your shingles in any way. The same goes for the siding on your house. We have years of pressure washing experience. We know what works best in every situation. Call us today and let our trusted cleaning professionals clean up everything around the exterior of your home.

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