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Parking Lot Cleaning and Porter Services in Orlando & Pompano Beach, FL

Rest Easy Knowing You Have a Team of Professionals Caring for the Upkeep of Your Property

We help your small community, apartment building, parking lot or commercial space look its very best by taking responsibility for the overall cleanliness and curb appeal, dealing with the garbage and anything that may make your property look unsightly. We offer this service to small businesses, shopping centers, high rises, corporate buildings, homeowner associations and more.

As a property owner or manager, you care about the maintenance and upkeep of your property. You know its important to keep your parking lot clean. And along with that, you know you need a good and reliable team to provide essential porter services for each of your locations.

And for good reason. You're aware that a lack of cleanliness and neglect when it comes to basic minor repairs can lead to much bigger problems down the road. You also understand how dirt, grime, and overall neglect can significantly reduce the value of your property over time. Therefore it's essential you find and hire the right parking lot and porter service! One that will maintain the highest standard of upkeep.

Here are a few reasons why we take pride in our parking lot maintenance and porter services, and why our customers highly value our work. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable in cleaning techniques for all types of different surfaces, using high quality products and the latest equipment. Our cleaners understand the importance of what and when to sanitze. They know exactly how important cleanliness is, but also how to work efficiently. They know how to take care of your property with minimum disruptions to you foot and vehicle traffic. Another skill, not to be overlooked, is great communication. Here at The Cleaning Company, we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining great relationships with each and every one of our clients. We make it our responsibility to openly communicate with your maintenance supervisors, but also your tenants. This helps us to please everyone in the greatest way possible.

We'll Take Complete Care of Your Building and Property

We Provide the Following Porter Services


Cleaning, picking up of trash by hand when needed, and disinfecting when necessary

• Removal of litter from the daily traffic of workers, visitors, and clients who use your facility

• Cleaning and maintenance of your restrooms

• Dusting, and cleaning up of spills

• Window washing

• Emptying, wiping down, and relining trash bins

• Cleaning and tidying newspaper, magazine, and information stands

• Painting walls and trim

• Each and every porter service contract is tailored to your specific needs

Joanne C. — Sunrise, FL

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We will definitely use them again and we highly recommend The Cleaning Company to others. A fantastic team!

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